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    Top Medical School in Ukraine 200 ranking

    They say this Uni is Leading medical school in Ukraine.
    Having been on their website I got confused regarding Faculties
    My understanding is there are main faculties where you (foreign students ) can study and they are “General Medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Preventive Care” and there are some others and I am not pretty if they are for foreign students or Russian speaking girls and boys.
    • School of Military Medicine
    • School of Dentistry
    • School of Pharmacy
    • School of Medical Psychology
    • School for continuing education for Trainers
    • School for Postgraduate Training in Preventive Care Medicine
    Possibly language of instruction is different from English ?????

    Uni website says : including programs, available in English. To me it means not all programs are in English. Language of instruction needs to be checked with the uni before you apply.
    I hate this. It is not clear at least for me.

    You would not feel alone there as they say there are 908 international students from various countries.

    PS: By the way somewhere on some forums I saw suggestion to choose Odessa medical instead of Kiev one. If I were you I might have chosen Odessa or at least think twice as it is very nice city at the Black Sea, cost of living is not that high as in Kiev, nice food and very interesting people. I ve been there 3 or 4 times and loved it!

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    Regarding top Universities in Ukraine, Bukovinian State Medical University
    2 Teatralna Square
    This is a respectfull university in EU, with hundreds of Foreign students Just would like to comment on this university,
    but i can not understand the lay out, some very interesting examples: ,,More than 100 of faculties’ staff have gone to countries of Asia, Africa and Central America...

    if you click on Department of International Relations, they talk about cooperation with other academias but there is no relevant information for a student enquring to study,
    Then this "Abstract requirements" you have to think what do they mean? or it ia a very unusual way to describe.,
    I find very user unfriendly site and difficult to locate a usefull information.
    My Regards

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    Jelly Babe
    Hi guys,
    just wanted to say as i was looking through Ukrainian University example:
    Kharkiv National Medical University
    4 Lenina Avenue
    When reading the section for Indian students, University site gives just a bit of information and the rest have to contact the representatives who are loaded with licenses and i guess more enquiries left for them to do. But lookes like i have no choice but to contact them, but a lot of people would like to avoid them due to bad reputation and the cost.
    Hope you feel the same.

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    Hi Jelly B,
    I agree with your comments, and Here i have something to share with you, this university is the most uncomprehensible one:
    Ogarev Mordovia State University
    68 Bolshevistskaya Str.,
    Saransk 430005, Republic of Mordovia,
    When it is in English and you brouse through International Student section, you see nothing relevant just some linguistical quiz,,,,The symbol recognizes the compositional analysis, because the plot and story are different. The hidden meaning is aware of the polyphonic novel, in this case we can not say that this phenomenon actually Fonika, phonetic. Evocation likely. Intonation is a very existential non-text and transmitted in this poem Donne metaphor of a compass properly. The word is absurd to attract urban brahikatalektichesky verse, though in no way intended to Language Usage of the genitive case here.

    ,,,,,And there is nothing else,,,Lol
    when you look at Degree Programms!!
    Only you can see it is this:
    University conducts educational activities for the educational programs of secondary and higher education, postgraduate (graduate school, internship, residency) education programs for additional education and training in accordance with the license (Reg. № 10385 of 30.05.2008, Series A, № 282470, expiration date of 30.08.2013, p applications № № 1-6), and also has the right to issue state diplomas for all educational programs with the full cycle of learning accordance with the certificate of state accreditation (reg. № 1335 of 23.06.2008, Series AA, № 001368, expiration date of 23.06.2013, p applications № № 1-8), issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and science.
    information about the basic professional educational programs implemented at the university, and about 152 chairs, providing the educational process, is presented in the table.
    Is that the information relevant? ,,,
    Talk soon

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    Jelly Babe
    Hi Admin,
    I read one forum on medical education, and somebody was looking for an information on this University, but i never looked into this, and that guy got never any reply from anybody,, perhaps it is on the Moon ....and really poor representation.
    Thanks for this post.
    Jelly B

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    Hello J.B.
    Lol you make a good point as usual. I was revisiting their site and very difficult to locate even basic info for foreign students specially
    very mind boggin site... and not very well publisised university and specialy in English version. More questions than answers.. keep me update and thank you for your research...and comments.
    Best wishes

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    Jelly Babe
    Hi Tabitha

    Just to share another thought with you, Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University
    2 Galytska Str

    if you look at their lay out for Postgraduate programms, the lay out is very diffrent from Europenian way of representing some information, specially when the subject and hours of study in crossword format,
    And also i could not find Modules.

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    Hi JB,
    Thanks again for your observation, here is a link you might find usefull, let me know what you think,
    Medical school in Ukraine

    Best wishes T



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